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Everything you need to know about our Shirt Box and its Shirt Roller

Many of us have to regularly carry shirts: business trips, special events, replacements after a sports session...And many of us don't experience it very well: we get upset not to arrive to fold them correctly, we stress by imagining their state on arrival and we feel more or less ashamed to wear them all creased.

With la Boîte à chemise , it's a thing of the past, you will (re)discover the pleasure of traveling with complete peace of mind!

  • Simple folding

Folding a shirt can be tedious. Also we designed le Roule-Chemise, a revolutionary accessory to drastically simplify the folding operation. In 1 minute maximum, you get a perfectly folded shirt, to slip into the Shirt Box or your suitcase!

  • Zero creases

To travel, you keep the Roule-Chemise in your folded shirt: it's the secret to recovering an impeccable shirt on arrival.

Thanks to an anti-crease technical fabric and its padded cuffs, the Shirt Roller prevents the formation of creases.

  • Protective

In addition to the Roule-Chemise, the Box folder allows you to transport your shirts in your travel bag​ or your computer bag in complete safety.

Thin (less than 6 cm) and light (less than 500g), it is nevertheless strong enough to protect 1 or 2 shirts from all compressions.

  • Sensual

Softness of fabrics, sumptuousness of vegetable leathers, subtleties of design: Nomadchik objects, 100% made in France, transform the chore of baggage into a sensual, refined and subtly exhilarating experience. And they are a great gift for yourself or for travelers in your life looking for elegance and serenity.

  • Tested and approved

We were lucky enough to be selected by M6 for its show “My invention is worth gold”. And we successfully passed the test of Jérôme Bonaldi and his team!

(NB: the box used is the old version, the new one is even more beautiful and even more practical!)

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