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Le Roule-Chemise, the secret to impeccable shirts when traveling.

A question often comes up: is it possible to use the Shirt Roller without the Shirt Box? To answer this, a little look back at the history of Roule-Chemise.When we brainstormed with our friends at Unqui Designers about the solution to the problem of wrinkled shirts when traveling, the immediate and unequivocal answer was this accessory designed from a double intuition:

  • not all nomads are potential Marie Kondo. However, a poorly folded shirt will inevitably arrive wrinkled at its destination.

  • the creases come from "pinching" of the fabric, a phenomenon amplified by the compression to which the shirt may be subjected in a suitcase or travel bag.

So we spent endless time designing and testing prototypes, to find the most effective solution against wrinkles, and the easiest to fold.

Finally, we launched Nomadchik with this V1 of the Roule-Chemise, manufactured by the talented team at Industrielle Textile, in Hirson. The structure in 2 parts, also linked by a piece of leather, the padding in strategic places to guide the folding and avoid "pinching" of the fabric, the leather tabs to hold the shirt: the Roule-Chemise perfectly fulfilled our specifications loads of beautiful and useful objects for nomads.

But making Made in France has a cost. Once our first customers had validated the effectiveness of the Roule-Chemise, we again reflected with our friends at Unqui Designers on a production method limiting the number of manual operations, while maintaining efficiency and elegance of the first version. And we ended up with V2, which we currently offer on our site< /u> .

The major difference: instead of cutting and sewing the pieces of fabric, we call on Eurotex, in Proville in Picardy, to thermoform the Roule-Chemise and glue the 3D fabric used to absorb the compressions. Note that in addition to the side beads, we took the opportunity to add a small bump on each part, to reinforce the anti-crease effectiveness. Once the Roule-Chemise is finalized by Eurotex, it returns to Industrielle Textile which adds the leather tabs.

Once this little historical reminder has been completed, we will finally be able to answer the initial question: YES, the Shirt Roller works perfectly without the Shirt Box. We can even say that it is he who carries out 80% of the job to prevent the formation of creases, thanks to its different beads and its 3D fabric. But to function properly, your shirts must travel without being compressed and mishandled i.e.:

  • in a rigid suitcase, if possible held by the separator or the interior straps

  • at the top of your pile of clothes

  • without the suitcase being too stuffed.

Conversely, if you travel with a backpack or a travel bag, if your suitcase is full to bursting, favor the use of our Shirt Box, the role of which is precisely to cushion the external compressions.

One last tip: we invite you to slip your folded shirts around the Roule-Chemises into the bags delivered with our products, a simple way to protect them!