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Even more chic for nomads

Since the launch of Nomadchik, we have met many creators and brands close to our universe and our vision: an uncompromising demand for quality, a reflection on use and design and Made in production methods. France if possible, and respectful of the environment and people in all cases. These women and men are committed, like us, to improving the lives of their customers with beautiful and useful objects. If you like Nomadchik, we are convinced that you will love these new brands, and we have decided to offer them to you on our site, through 3 universes.

In the No more creases universe, we offer solutions for traveling with impeccable clothes: our Shirt boxes and their Roule-Chemises, and one of the best travel steamers of the moment, the < u>S-Nomad invented by Steam One, a very pretty French brand.

Travel bags, toiletry bags and bicycle bags: this section brings together all the containers you need to transport your belongings.

Our friends at You Can Sleep in the Barn (VPDDLG), who are also the designers of our Shirt Box, have developed an amazing bag whose capacity can be adjusted in the blink of an eye. And their small toiletry bag or pens est a marvel of practicality and simplicity.

We are more and more fans of traveling by bike. To carry them out with elegance, we spotted the Maroquinor brand at the Made in France 2019 show. They won us over with both their slightly retro products and their history, that of a venerable leather goods workshop which has decided to reinvent itself. As for the Bakkie brand, it offers the most practical bags< /a>s that we have seen, capable of carrying a suitcase or a guitar!

En mode nomad brings together all these little travel accessories that change life and enhance it when you're on the move: our keychain-come-back-to-me, lsimple and effective care products, special for travelers or even backpackers from Bivouak and the magnificent c indoor slippers from PAULJAC, a blessing for rest of the nomads!

We will gradually enrich this selection, which, we hope, constitutes a wealth of gift ideas for travelers, to offer or treat themselves! And you, which product do you prefer?