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We are committed to working with partners in France, for their incredible know-how and their agility.


A demanding design

We work with UNQUI DESIGNERS for Boîtes à shirt, a young design studio located in Paris. The flow immediately passed. They were innovative, enthusiastic. All of their projects were both functional and aesthetic. And, to be honest, we had a crush on one of their bags. Since then we haven't left each other!


A confection according to the rules​s of the art

L'INDUSTRIELLE TEXTILE is a venerable house specializing in, among other things, military leather goods, located in Aisne. Mr. Laurent and his team amazed us with their mastery of manufacturing and industrialization techniques, and needless to say that with them, everything is sewn to the nearest millimeter!

Eurotex 04.jpg

The excellence of French industry

Thanks to EUROTEX, we have managed to solve the problem of squaring the circle: offering you beautifully crafted items made in France at affordable prices. The secret ? Thermoforming, which allows fabrics to be molded in 2 steps, 3 movements. And when it's the European leader who takes care of it, you get exceptional quality! 

Nomadchik - Cuirs Chadefaux.jpeg

For leathers, we source from CHADEFAUX, a Parisian house specializing in vegetable tanning since 1921 and from ADAPTA which sources the most sumptuous leathers from French tanneries.

Exceptional leathers​


The Queen of Ants​

We discovered its products by chance on vacation, and then discovered that we were neighbors! We love his approach which favors manual work and the quality of materials and accessories.

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