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The  Reviens-moi keychain,

for distracted nomads

Last spring, we lost keys, and hated what followed. So we figured we were going to change things.


On the charming  Ile de Ré (french west coast), we discovered the keychains of the Reine des fourmis (Queen of Ants). Aesthetics, quality made in France and so practical, we had a real crush on them. And then we came across a Science study: 51% of people who find a lost wallet return it to their owner.



At least 51% helpful people + our discovery from the Isle of Ré = the Keychain Come back to me!

Reviens-moi (come back to me), the keychain that helps you carry your keys ...

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A large strap to easily find your keys in the bottom of your pocket or purse.


Elegant and timeless colors


A carabiner to hang a key or to hang the key ring on a belt loop or on your computer bag


A  French manufactured product !

... and who helps you find them when you lose them!


1 Someone finds your bunch of keys.


The person sends us an email to the address printed on the inside of the keychain, and gives us the unique identifier of the Keychain.


3 Nous vous mettons en relation avec votre sauveur et vous convenez ensemble des modalités de restitution.

Et votre vie redevient belle !

Please note that at no time do we communicate your contact details to the person who has found your keys!

And we have thought of everything: if you want to offer the Come Back to Me, the lucky recipient will just have to send us an e-mail with their identification key and the name of the person who gave it to them

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